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Your Voice

You can read my LGBT paranormal romance short story about sirens called "Your Voice" in the Mythica (Beyond Fantasy) anthology published by Iron Faerie Publishing.

About the anthology: Enter a world of myth and magic, where gryphons fly, and dragons hoard unbelievable treasures the likes of which you've never seen. Delight in fantastical tales of unicorns, selkies, manticores and kitsunes and more. Featuring 20 stories by 20 authors.



The humans had made a mistake.


​Beneath the wood of the floating platform, down a long chain and anchor glowing green with magic, where the water was cool and the weeds thick, Kithara panicked. Strands of silvery hair whipped around her face, and her tail fin twitched as fear seized her insides like the vice of a crab’s claws, pinching and squeezing. She bared rows of small pointy teeth and hissed, scattering a nearby school of fish. 

On this day, the day of her first solo hunt, the humans sent a female?

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