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Just His Luck

Check out my superhero satire short story entitled 'JUST HIS LUCK' published through Fabula Argentea.

​As their editors describe it, "Just when we thought we’d seen every possible superhero story, along comes author K. Parr, who grabs us from the opening, artfully sprinkles in a handful of clichés to add an extra bit of humor and satire, and turns out this delightfully unexpected, excellently crafted, out-of-the-box piece."




Gerald lay on his stomach in a bank, hands crossed over his head. Foot-sized puddles from rain customers had tracked inside crisscrossed the tiled floor beneath his cheek. Gerald, lucky as always, happened to be standing over one when masked gunmen burst in and demanded that everyone get on the ground! Now, dirty water seeped into his brand-new suit. He’d just had it dry-cleaned too. He bit back an annoyed sigh...

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