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Holding Out for a Hero

I do love poking fun at my favorite tropes, and my short story, "Holding Out for a Hero" does just that as a satirical LGBT fantasy romcom! Here's the summary:

"For companion Pavel, managing quest scrolls and mending
armor in the shadow of his handsome hero is the heart of the
job, until a rogue’s dastardly plot puts life and love on the

About the anthology:

Just as a prism splits white light into color, the nine Rhode Island authors in this collection break fiction into a spectrum of genres. From romance to horror, these tales cover a range of styles, themes, and experiences.

Join a reluctant hero with a big heart on a dangerous quest, or navigate the cruel halls of high school with a young witch. Remember love found and lost over the course of a lifetime, or battle with dead men and addiction. Punch in at the Office to make sure the Product flows on time, or grab your gear and cross the galaxy to save beautiful creatures on strange worlds. You may even discover the dark secret of Begonia Drive…if you dare.

Celebrate the colors that shape our lives with Voices of the Prism.

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